I was born in Avilés, a small village in the north west of Spain, in the beautiful region of Asturias. When I was very little I used to like to play to dress up and I spent all my time writing stories, drawing magical worlds, building huts, sewing pieces of fabrics and pretending to be a prince, a witch or a mouse.


I have always been highlighted for my artistic way of enjoying life wherever I have been. If I am not an artist, I am no one, I am nothing. There was never any doubt what I would become when I grew up.


I graduated with a degree in Drama and gained a Postgraduate in Performing Arts thereafter. I continue to take acting, singing and dancing lessons with respected professionals whilst honing my skills in other artistic fields such as photography, costume, set design and film direction. I co-direct To Be Creative Ltd -a Theatre Company- and I am currently doing an MA in Creative Writing.   


I believe that an artist has to be multidisciplinary and I have a deep respect for our mission: to change the world. This, focuses all my attention as an artist, in whatever I do.



What am I reading now? American Gods by Neil Gaiman

What am I writing now? A play, a novel and weekly-ish short texts

Best play I have ever seen: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

Favorite play in which I have ever acted: Bent

Favorite Movies: 12 Monkeys, Eyes Wide Shut, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, Volver, Delicatessen, 28 Days Later, Big Fish and Beauty and the Beast.

Favorite pieces of literature: Hamlet, Harry Potter (all), The Handmaid´s Tale, and an endless list.

Favourite writer: JK Rowling

Favourite playwright: Eugene Ionesco

Favorite film director: Terry Gilliam

Favorite actress: Catherine Keener

Favorite actor: Andrew Garfield

Favorite Musical: Into the woods

Favorite song: Change the world by Eric Clapton

Favorite Food: Fabada

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Most inspirational figure: My mum

Best advice I have ever received: Smile always!