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The sweetest nightmare

My feet were the real witness of that hideous night, the only part of my body that was kept out of the claustrophobic bag that I found myself in when I woke up. Tightly tied up, what I thought for a few seconds it was a nightmare, was an explicable experience that just now I can understand. Just now I can’t run from.

Two days ago -alone-, under the coldest London night, waiting for my bus to come back home, I felt something pinching the back of my neck.

Waking up was the next memory I can recall. The warm of my own pee told me that it was the scariest moment of my entire life.

I screamed.

The person that heard me, laughed.

I didn’t scream any more.

At the moment that my heart was about to explode like a grenade, he unzipped me and touched my right foot. Blood stopped flowing. I know he was a man because I will not be able to forget that giggling and that breathing, and that strong smell that happens when more than one man sweat and... cum.

You are in front of your computer and think that this kind of shit just happens in the films. I thought so too.

His cold hands stroked my feet so sensually that even having the most horrible time, I had a boner. I omitted this part when I went to the police the following day. Because there was a following day, although I am not sure that it will be another one after knowing what I know now.

After the stroking came the liking and the rubbing… His penis was hard as a rock, and I think I helped him out at some point. I was in the middle of the sweetest nightmare, thinking of death but feeling like cumming so bad that I even wanted it to come. Guilt and disgust ran through my body instead of that stopped blood that had evaporated becoming into rivers of eroticism. When his hot liquid flowed all over my feet, I burst without touching myself.

Three happy years with my boyfriend, and I had never experienced such culmen of excitement. Another injection is the last thing I remember before I woke up in the same bus station, four hours later, and wholly covered on my own dry semen.

When my body was awake, I walked, I ran. Looking to the left, the right, behind and even to the dawning sky, my brain created thousands of images I didn’t see. What I did see was…


to be continued.

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