• arifalfaraz


Sometimes I feel like leaving.


I run without touching the floor.

A velvety field after another welcomes me.

Just green melted with the most stunning blue,

all bathed by the sunniest sun.


Of course, there is a but, there is always a but.

But this but is the worst for me. It is the one that gives me an identity, myselfness.

Turning my back to this ancient lack of respect that is -no, that seems (because I am an optimist)- a never-ending story, would mean that I would be lying to myself.

Since I do not even remember when I have felt that we all have a mission in Life. Or actually, we all have the same mission, although we possess different fashions of working for it.

Who am I? Who would I be if all my friends, family, and every single person that knows me, disappear all of a sudden? I have imagined that for the first time, a long ago. My answer is still the same: I would be no one. I am me because I am someone for somebody else, and the other way round.

Or, I could leave everything behind for a beautiful and far green field...

From that moment -that changed my life-, and I have decided to stay, there was no other way than look after all those everyone else's around me, not just for them, but for preserving my own identity. And theirs. And mine. And theirs.

And mine. And theirs.

The order of the orders is:

1. Truth.

2. Respect.

3. Freedom.

All become one in this quest for happiness in a society of shared fields.

It is sad, lacking one of those three, or even more.

I am sick and tired of it. But I cannot leave. I want to be me, and I want you to be you.

Respect. Please.

Forget about religion. Just for a minute. And think about it.

Respect. Please.



I could talk about religion. I could even blame religion for all the problems in the world. I could also talk about society.

I will talk about the essence of the human being though.

Imagine that four babies, two with vaginas and two with penises, are left in a deserted island, and for whatever reason, they survive and get old there.

There would not be any imposed society or religion as such.

Let's do an exercise. Close your eyes and leave your imagination fly, thinking about that for a few minutes, and then come back to this text.

Don't cheat and do it!


If they did not have anybody telling them how to live, what would lead their way, their lives? Religion no, because it does not exist. Society neither, for the same reason. Then, what? After caring about each other, after fighting with each other, after having sex with each other, what would they make them continue? Call me cheesy, but I believe in love, love that must come from respect. And that respect would have been gained through time, empathy and trust.

We are the same because WE ARE. I come back to the root of the roots.

I cannot believe why texts like this one I am writing have to exist! But they have. My mission is saying -every day, in every conversation- that my mother is all. That my sisters are all. That my grandmothers are all. That my aunts, and girls cousins, girlfriends and all the women of my life are all. They all are all, and they receive less of everything.

Respect has lost its meaning.

Until all the women in the world have exactly the same rights and are treated as men are in every single aspect of Life, for me the word respect has no meaning. And whoever that does not believe in equality is a dirty mouth just vomiting words every time they open their rubbish bin.

I believe in recycling, as I believe in giving back the meaning that the word respect has lost -or have not ever had.

One day we will run across that green field where the sky and the earth melt together, and we will lose ourselves drunk of respectness.


#respect #heforshe #equality #metoo #feminism

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