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It is what we cannot see that makes sense of what we can.

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Who are you?

Where are you?

What are you doing?

Where are you going?

Where did you come from?

David Rodinsky had a mysterious life.

David Rodinsky's life was an obsession for Rachel Lichtenstein.

David Rodinsky's Lichtenstein's book is a masterpiece that reveals the unseen seen.

You smell, I touch, we see our every day's places focused on what we do, what we have to do, and sometimes what we should do. Not that often we close the five senses to awake the other ones. Rachel did. Time, space, balance, gravity, acceleration, atmospheric pressure... all that leads us, set us in a reality so different for each of us, a reality that the system says it must be the same for all of us.

Her desired journey started rather before she believed it did. Before she was born.

All the stories about travels, escapes, lives and deaths, told by her family were the first hint of the need. A passionate person is on the verge of nihilism when they lack of uncertainty about something they feel to be certain about. It is a feeling. It is neither a word nor two thousand. A sense of weightlessness that paralyses your body while accelerates your brain in a speed of light level.

You need to know.

So did she.

Rachel felt a strong connection with her grandfather, and she became determined not to let his heritage die with him. She studied art influenced by him, she travelled around Poland for years, researching about former Jewish sites, but it was not until she decided to write her thesis about Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe to the East End of London, that she found what she meant to do, where she was meant to be.

The room.

Rodinsky's room.

Interviews, recordings, photographs, relatives, letters, a coffee in Rossi's in Hanbury Street, tape recordings... loads of content that showed her that Rodinsky existed, and moreover, in contradictory accounts. Was he a scholar or a fool? A street comedian, a joker, or an embittered solitary? A self-taught cabalist or a deluded inadequate?

He was an everything and an anything, all at the same time.

Contradiction is the real truth.

I hate hypocrites and liars.

Sometimes I do not.

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