• arifalfaraz


Darkness opens up my senses.

The crowd sees, looks, watches. All and all and every little tiny detail of the all, through the eyes.

I feel. And I found feelers. They inspire me as I do to them. Unbreakable. Inexplicable. Everlasting. Friendship.

Two hands together through the obscure daylight are not afraid to speak up, although cunning does its work,

and it works.

Hard, cold tile after tile, and after one thousand more, create more gossip. Hidden nasty words of smiley envy that makes us stronger, makes us become our path.

They release their hands, or maybe they were never together.

Darkness shows us the strenght of our knot.

They will never see it because they prefer to turn on the artificial light.

#darkness #darkmark #slytherin #harrypotter

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